Wednesday, November 13, 2002

I Can Make You Cry

When the tears come easing out of you watery eyes and roll down your cheek I have mixed emotions.

I'm sad that I am the one who has made a strong black woman break to the point where rain pours from her face, thunder rumbles her chest and lightening sounds from her lips.

I'm proud that I have enough presence in your life to bring about such strong emotion. If I can't make you cry with joy, but weep with pain, and you can brush me off with a flicker of your fingers; how much did I really mean to you?

When those tears find their resting place in a smile that stretched across your face, I rejoice in knowing that the poem I wrote you, the necklace I found for you, and the flowers I sent you truly reached your mind body and soul.

But when those same tears come from a canvas that's stressed and distressed, aching and depressed I wish that I could endure your pain and erase your tears because I am the one that made you cry.