Sunday, November 11, 2001


Red  is my color when I`m submerged in fire,
and look at my foes and scream "Bitch! Liar!"
I`m cut throat and mean to all that are near,
who run to their mommies drenched in fear.
This is the side that people rarely see,
‘cause I`m at the evilest I can ever be.
Confused in the head, can’t think worth shit.
Cross me wrong and "click, " that`s it.
Once it starts there`s no end to my fury.
No voice can calm the rage within me.

Blue is my color when I`m calm and cool.
Patience, my virtue and underlying rule.
Confidence in my walk as well as my glance
with a warm embrace fitting of a romantic slow dance.
Compassion on high, and anger on low
I love my friends and tolerate my foe.
Dressed in blue, I love to laugh and play,
with a smile on my face all night and day.
Love`s my queen, and intelligence`s my ace.
A blue tint world my perfect place.

Yellow  is my color when I`m a scared little kid
and don`t speak my mind but wish I did;
when I see the girl and don`t say how I feel
and later realize that someone else will;
when I close my eyes and pretend not to hear
the silence of defeat screaming in my ear;
when I see her don`t speak just pass by
and my Heart asks my Mind "Why Soul? Why?"
Yellow`s the color of the hidden stripe I own.
Cowardice That`s the trait over which I moan.