Sunday, January 22, 2006

Lesson Learned

I admit it, It’s my fault. I played the fool.

Wind’s lips kiss my ears,
And told me that your heart was not with me.
So, I left you alone.

Friendship, like, lust, love are chapters of life’s book,
And heated talks told me that we were not on the same page,
So, again I left you alone.

You said “I miss you, I want to see you.”
But actions speak louder than words and you screamed the truth:
You just wanted to keep me around.
I was your “Mr. Just in Case.”
In case your girls were out of town,
In case Mr. Now wasn’t around,
In case you wanted a free night on the town.
But, I refused
I refused to be treated like I was 2nd rate,
The standby date.
So, for the 3rd time I left you alone.

3 times I tried to leave you alone
Stopped calling, texting, speaking, and stopping by,
But I guess you missed the attention.
So each time you filled my ears with false hopes.
Hope enough to string me along,
To digest the lies you fed me.
I was lied to, mislead, deceived 
And filled with promises never made good.
We define our relationship in plain black and white,
But you held truth to nothing but the dotted line
That you used to walk the line divide between friend and foe.
Soon truths inverted tipped the scale and suffocated the dream
So in case you didn’t hear or understand…
For the last time,

I’m leaving you alone.

Friday, January 20, 2006

After The ICE Melts

Before I came in from the frozen rain that had shined my skin a pharaoh's tint of golden brown you treated me as if you were to be wanted after and didn't want me around. But from these ashes I've risen to trek across the scorching desert and survive. Now you crave my attention, yet yesterday I wasn't alive. Truth is, before I grew a primate's hair, you didn't care about me or who I've grown to be, or how I'd always been the strong black man found so rare. It's you that's changed, paying more attention to what I say and what I do, cause now you think I'm somebody, but me, I already knew. The only things that's changed is that I got a few new names, last one's got two parts, first one's still the same. Now you're ready to make a fuss, talking about you've ready settle down, ready for us. But its got me wondering are these feelings truly heart felt, are they 1st and eternal, or a result of 3 notches on my belt, and soon to vanish after the ice melts?