Sunday, January 20, 2002

Random Thoughts

  • As I sit here in this space of time, I ponder the reason for my very existence. Then I realize, we were destined to cross paths I need to give you something, as you need to give me. Our meeting is not by chance. There is a reason for that fateful day, it`s up to us to discover it.
  • Until you have PERFECTED the art of looking beyond a man`s body and into his soul you have the right to judge no one but yourself.
  • Who are you? The person u show to others? Or the one you know yourself to be? These could be two different realities, and when different worlds collide, galaxies shatter. Be true to u and all u know.
  • Black women. Our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, our lovers. They fill all these important positions in our lives, yet we treat them as if they`re inferior. It`s time for a change. It`s time to treat them as the strong black woman that they are. Until then we`re just as low as we treat them.
  • Just as a watched pot never boils, chased love never surrenders. Keep your eyes and ears open and take advantage of the coincidences that fate hands you, and love will soon find you.                            
  • Remember: What you say may not even be close to what people hear. Filter your mouth as well as your ears, and realize that a small misunderstanding can grow into a huge confrontation.
  • To listen to another’s words and treat them as you expect them to treat you; then you realize . . . their words have come from false lips and deaf ears. Hypocrisy: death by false words.