Sunday, April 30, 2006


Time can be good, the best, bad, or the worst. It can be fun, great, rough, personal, or quality. It can be free, but they say time is money. So I don't waste my time. I need extra time but there just ain't enough of the right time. I mean they got full time, part time, half time, double time, and even in between time. They got time that flies, time that runs, and even a lil box of time that stands still, but that's only for the dreamers. I went to the game section and they had time in, time out, and even overtime. I tried out the time travel but that was the last time I try to go back in time. That shit was the same as the first time. And then just in the nick of time I found the factory where they make time. I spoke with Father Time and asked about the stuff u always be telling me about. He told me that time doesn't come in excuses. I'm starting to think you just made that shit up.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Understand

...why you ignore my messages when I express to you how I really feel deep down on the inside, where I keep all the things that I tell only the chosen few. Why you just don't respond the times I need you to respond the most. It's like those pure, raw emotions catch you off guard and you just don't know what to do. Your first instinct is to sigh, shake your head, and do nothing. So another comes with more emotion, more feeling, more of everything that I wish you had for me.

Now I understand, because I do it too, and have done it before, but will try not to again. And didn't realize how it feels to be on this side and see what it does on the other.

I do it, except not to you. To another that wants me the way I want you and I laugh at the irony. It's ironic that you could have me, I could have her but we both seek that that's unobtainable. I realize that as close as we are, as much as we share, no matter how many of my hearts lyrics I put in word that it's easier for you to ignore them than to sing in love's harmony.

Easier to ignore than to respond and when confronted you say "I just don't know what to say." I say tell the truth and let my heart ache for a day than strain for the unreachable for a lifetime.

So maybe I'll look behind me and give her that energy that you reject. I'll concentrate on her the way I did you, then maybe my eyes will have strength enough to see in her more than just a friend. Maybe you'll look back too, but it doesn't even matter because at least now I understand. 

Saturday, April 1, 2006

Word's Worth

I am very direct.
Tell you what I think I want, need,
For me, from you, for us.
No lies, deception or hidden motives.
I ask for what I want,
And tell you exactly what I am gonna do.

You take my words and read between the lines
To find words and undertones that aren't there.
You act like I said or did things
That are only in existence in your predictions
Based on your last man’s actions
Erase your preconceived notions and

I say “I want you”
I do.
I say “I need a friend”
It’s you.
I say “I need you”

It’s true.