Thursday, March 30, 2006

Caught in the Zone

Deep dark black hole of nothingness
Taking, never giving.
Sucking up everything in its path.
Takes hopes and dreams from men and women
And replaces them with the fact that you’re just not good enough.

Closer than most,
But not close enough.
On the team
But never getting any playing time.
Knows all the secrets,
But steals any that you may have had together.
Stills the tongue silences the heart, and blinds the eyes.
Punishment that seems a lifetime.
Escape attempts only dig you deeper.
Few get out,
Only because empty time dissolved the bars,
Or they both thought they were frozen in the others eye
But never truly were.

Timing: too soon, too late
Is my common crime
But your simple existence can get you life without parole
A one person judge and jury seals your fate
And soon to be banished to

The Friend Zone

Monday, March 20, 2006


They talked.
Said we were a couple,
Because I was glad to see you,
Because we were seen smiling together in public,
Because you came to visit and they were alone.

Jealously, they talked.
Said we danced like the sex they never had,
Because you came to see me and passed them by,
Because we had more fun on the dance floor.

Then you talked about what they said,
And I listened.
Made it sound like a bad thing.
Like you were ashamed of what they said.
Like it hurt you because they assumed
Like I was blocking their advances
Like I wasn’t good enough for you
So, you stopped, we stopped,
But they didn’t.

They talked
Told me you were crazy,
Then I remember your drunken plea
And the times you snapped over nothing.
Told me you were a liar
Then I investigated the truths turned raw from lines before
Told me you were the Mississippi Hoe
Crept in the night
Lied and deceived men while taking your fill
I didn’t listen

I saw,
You denied.
Next time you talk,
I’ll not listen
Because according to you

We never talked

Friday, March 10, 2006

Do U See Me?

I see you.
I secretly long to smell you, touch you, hold you, taste you.
I want to kiss and comfort you,
To be all the things that Adam is to Eve.

You are my forbidden fruit.
Sitting there so red, so juicy, so ripe,
But able to cause such pain and torment.
Yet, your mere presence changes my mood,
Lightens my load and warms my heart.

We talk and time stops.
Standing face to face,
Staring into your eyes,
Taking peaks at your lips
As they give birth to each verbal thought.

As I feed off you energy and mix mine with yours
I wonder: “What is meant to be?”
Is it destined for our souls to dance,
Dance to the cadence of our hearts till the setting of the sun.
I wonder if you have ever,
Or will ever think of me that way.
Or is it a one sided affair.

Now seems like all that matters,
But as college years swiftly pass
And I climb that next step on my stairway to heaven.
I fear to strain the delicate balance of warm emotions
Molded conversation by conversation into our friendship.
And realize that I have the rest of time to speak my heart.

I’d rather stay in the garden
Than risk the wrath of the forbidden fruit,
So at least for now I’ll keep it a secret and wonder

“Do you see me?”