Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Going Nowhere Fast

I run. 1 mile. 3 miles. 5K. Obstacle courses, etc. I run…I run to stay in shape, for stress relief and to train. But the point is… I run. Not to get anywhere in particular. There is no destination. I just run. It’s a freedom away from the day’s problems, it’s an escape into my thoughts, and it’s an internal challenge with myself since there’s no other person running with me. I, alone, run.

When I run I listen to music. It keeps my spirits up, helps with my pace and lightens the mood. For a while now I’ve been listening to Pandora when I run. At first it was a Kirk Franklin station, then a Tye Tribbett one…but lately I’ve been on Mali Music. But at one point I took a break from the upbeat gospel and went straight R&B / rap. The beats were better, the music was faster and my times actually improved. One day I smashed a 5k in 27 min. I was really moving. I was proud of myself.

Then my heart got heavy. I had to ask myself “why?” I had chosen to be worldly and secular in my music choice for the sake of an improved time…but I wasn’t going anywhere. And I wasn’t going anywhere fast. How often do we take the worldly path for the sake of a faster result? Is it really worth it?

These days the only place I’m really concerned with getting to is Heaven. Running in circles is fun and all but at the end of the day I’ll be in the place I started. I’ll be sweaty and winded, but still at the same spot.  Whether I listen to rap or gospel the ending is the same.

I know and understand that I am saved through grace & mercy…not through my own actions. But we should follow after God because we love who He is and what he does for us. We are to honor Him in all things we do… including running. If Jesus says “No one can come to the Father except through me” (John 14:6) and if my destination is Heaven, I can’t get there via trap music.

So either I can go nowhere fast, or I can take my time and be positively influenced by worship music that reminds me of how great God is.