Monday, February 9, 2009

25 things about THE you've prolly be tagged in a few of these by now so u should know the rules...

1. I am a
 huge Transformers fan and collect the toys. I prolly got about 500 of them. Friend made me feel bad one day when u estimated that I have spent over 7500 on toys. Oh well. Good thing I got a good job to support my lavish lifestyle.

2. I am the 2nd oldest of
 5 kids. None of us have kids or are in jail. It’s a miracle I know. Shout out to Ida, Jason, Celeste and Patrice!

3. I don’t like to drive in the rain or at night…esp not at night in the rain…mostly because I’m blind and don’t wanna have an accident. I’ve grown kinda accustom to breathing. One of my favorite past times.

4. I suffer from a very rare and disabling disease called
 feme-oro-phobia. It causes me to be extremely tight fisted with my money around chics that are just trying to get in my pocket and buy them stuff. Ironically, I’ll offer the world to someone that makes me feel appreciated. Them gold diggers don’t get ish.

5. I have nicknames in my phone because my friends are nosey and go through my phone. Don’t you wonder what yours is?

6. Sometimes I have flashes of the future, but I never remember them until they’re happening…and it’s never anything important…so maybe its just déjà vu but I’m hopping it develops into full premonitions.

7. If I lost my cell no one would ever hear from me again because I don’t know anyone’s number. I used to know all my friends’ numbers and now I can’t even call my momma without my LG.

8. Contrary to popular belief I’m shy and only a loud mouth around people I know…unless I’ve been drinking. Then I’m not shy…or tactful…and maybe not even respectful.

9. Concurring with popular belief, I’m starting to embrace the fact that I might be a lil more than confident…a tad on the
 arrogant side. But just a lil.

10. Currently I reside in TN were I am undergoing rehab as I recover from my estrogenaddiction. It’s tough in the real world.

11. I used to think I’d end up with someone that I had a crush on back in the day…but a lot of them chics getting big so I don’t have to fear that anymore. LOL…wait, what I really meant to say is that if it was meant to be it will be and if they come back in my life so be it. Cuz some them chics still fine and got

12. Me, my brother and sister were in a oldies cover band when I was in high school. Random women screamin at you on stage as I strummed on my guitar….oh, the good old days. Now I just
 play guitar hero in my PJ’s.

13. I movie hop all the time…but I usually don’t enjoy the 2nd movie (unless it’s really good) because my attention span is too short and I get restless.

14. I believe in Karma…she’s a bad bitch in a red dress. Don’t fuck with her…she’ll mess you up every time.

 Love Jones used to be my movie..

16. I really don’t watch TV…more like I stare at it cuz there’s nothing else to do.

17. I was an average child..then one day I was playing with a fork in toaster as I waited for my toast to pop up….i got
 electrocuted. Now I’m smart. 

18. I’d rather date a chic that was
 honest about dating other people than one I have to guess whether she’s hiding something or not. I can handle the truth!

19. I’m 25 and still afraid of the dark and use a nightlight…by dark I mean the unknown, by nightlight I mean
 continuous learning and understanding.

20. I'm tripping because Chris Brown bit that girl...WEAK.

21. I called Bosely and the Club about a problem but they want too much money.

22. I think that
 thighs are the best part of a womans body. So many great things u can do with them…rub em, wrap em around you…and they’re the best part on a chicken too!

 Office Space reminds me of my first job, esp ol dude with the coffee mug.

24. I don’t believe in
 busy. That’s just something u tell someone when u don’t wanna do something

25. Even though I am sometimes guilty of this, I hate when people refer to someone they’re "talking to" or dating as their “friend.” That’s misleading.

26. I did my taxes, bout to pay off ALL my debt, bout to pay my bills and bout to get the car fixed . Really on my
 25 right now. GROWNMAN ISH!