Friday, May 5, 2017

Part 10. How Not to Suck at… Optimism

Today I found out that I am an optimist! Until now, I always considered myself a realist – that I saw things for what they were and didn’t try to make things better (or worse) than what they were. But today I learned what an optimist truly is – a person who accepts and chooses to make the best out of a situation. They refuse to take the victim mentality and continue to push for success. That’s me!

Contrary to popular belief, everyone has setbacks – all of us. We are human, and therefore fallible. The difference in those who succeed and those who don’t is their reaction to the setback. Will you take the time the figure out your next move? Or claim to be the victim? Next time you think to say why something can’t happen, take 1 minute to think about how it can happen. That 60 seconds can make all the difference. The “can happen” route will likely take more work, research and effort, but that’s what successful people do – make things happen!

Optimists spend time and energy on things that are within their control. Pessimists worry about things beyond their control. So take purposeful action to remedy problems, remove obstacles and move forward on those things that you can positively effect. The other stuff – that stuff that out of your reach – LET IT GO! Optimism demands that you don’t stress on the things you can’t fix. Either take action or let it go. There is no place for worry.

Optimists need other optimists. You’ll need people around you who support you and your dreams. Who don’t just poke holes in your dreams but offer solutions to patch those holes up. You need people who are going to help you figure out how to make the dream happen. Do get me wrong, we need people to point the potential it falls – but they also need to help think though the solution. Those who only shoot the dream down are a cancer – remove them before their pessimism kills your vibe.

So is the glass half empty? Or half full? You decide.