Monday, May 1, 2006

What Time Is It?

Tick, tick, tock. I sit listening to my watch. Time's passing away, never to be recovered. I'm talking about good times, bad times, fun times, rough times, and all the times in between that I'm trying to share with you.

Do you remember the time? The time you said that you feel good when you're around me? I felt the same and ask for more of your time. I'm talking about that quality time, that us time, that time only happens once in a blue moon time, but when it does…it's time well spent.

Now time out! I ask for time, but it's always a bad time. You claim to have no free time. I understand you got class time, work time, nap time, bed time, and dinner time, but shit, you even got party and play time, but that damn watch of yours never manages to get to my time.

Now me, I put in overtime at the clock factory just to make time for you. But it's like I'm a full time man stuck in a part time job, trying to come up on more time. I'm suffocating at the bottom of the hourglass trying to plug the hole with one hand and reach out to you with the other.

So I ask "is this a waste of time?" You act like time stands still and reply, "Naw, I got ya next time." We both agree that we don't have enough time, so while I attempt to cherish the time we have, you play hard to get like time is all we have.

They say time is money, then that means money is time and if I had a reason I could turn paper and plastic into precious time. Time would grow wings and fly. But not away, it'd fly us to where we wanted to be, where we needed to be. I'd make our days and nights last longer, and the sunrise last till the end of time. But why put forth the effort, why spend my time? I just need you to meet me half way, but you act like it's not worth your time. So why dedicate my time if it's not an effective use of time?

Like the band at half time, life's moving double time. Time is running out, and though time is short I believe there's no time like the present. So I sit alone on the sands of time waiting for you to show up and ask, "What time is it?"